The former version of this blog (back in 2005) was intended for a place where I could write tutorials, tips and tricks to help others and try to minimize their time of research/frustration finding a (possible) solution to whatever problem they needed to solve.  Unfortunately, because of time restrictions, that wasn't really possible and the blog wasn't updated in years...

Now, the approach I'm taking this time is quite different; this blog will be more for my personal use, in other words, I'll use it to write programming/development notes (not articles) that I can reference to later, and remind myself on how to do something; because of this, sometimes the "notes" will only make sense to me. That said, of course, I'll keep in mind to write in a coherent way in case someone else finds my writings useful.

Rants will also appear once in a while, or however often I need to vent. 😉