Say I have an element containing some text that I'd like to make available for printing:

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It's really annoying to find websites that have the words "click here" to link to other pages... And is very bothersome to find people or companies that use this bad linking practice because 'other people/companies do it and it works for them' ... WHAT?? To me, that's just a lame excuse.

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Basically, I'm going to repeat here part of what I wrote on the About page:

The approach I’m taking this time for my blog is quite different from its former version; this blog will be more for my personal use, in other words, I’ll use it to write programming/development notes (not articles) that I can reference to later and remind myself on how to do something; because of this, sometimes the notes will make sense only to me. That said, of course, if someone else finds my notes useful, well… that’s great!

There's a chance that I'll make available some of my old posts in PDF format in case someone finds them useful.